I started to DJ back in 2008, my first setup was 2 x CD-1000MK3’s and a DJM-800, I still miss them! <3

I was at that time part of an online community called MixAddicts.com (and still is…) We listened to each others mixes and gave constructive criticism. We also broadcasted live from all over the world with DJ’s from Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Sweden. Once a year we had a Massive Mix Day when we streamed live DJ performances for 24 hours! Damn, I miss these days…

Later on I also hosted my Trance Forever show on Trance.FM. Trance.FM broadcasted trance DJ shows 24/7 but was sadly put down to an end in 2016, R.I.P. 🙁

After the DJM-800 I purchased the DJM-2000. Best mixer ever, hands down! I also bought 2 x CDJ-2000 and later on 2 x CDJ-2000NXS. That was a real dream setup.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances in life I had to sell my entire setup back in 2013 and I put my headphones on the shelves.

I did a couple of mixes on a DDJ-SX in the fall of 2013 and one mix on a XDJ-Aero in May 2014.

Now it’s 2016 and after almost two years of silence I decided to startup my podcast again. I bought a license for the new Pioneer rekordboxdj software and a small controller, the DDJ-WeGO3. I’ve mixed TFP095 and TFP096 on the WeGO3. I love this controller but I was missing the big jog wheels from my previous CDJ’s so I bought the full size controller DDJ-RZ from Pioneer.

I put a lot of effort in my mixes and spend a lot of time finding new tracks. The podcast version on iTunes is an enhanced podcast version of Trance Forever and every song has its own chapter with cover art.

All of the tracks I’m using in my mixes are purchased from Beatport and for the best quality possible I’m only buying AIFF’s.

The best way to support me is to subscribe to my podcast and give it a heart or star rating!

Stay tuned! The journey has just begun…


Roland ”oakstream” Meijer

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